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19th May 2007

5:03pm: Thank you for the well wishes. Eric and I appreciate them. I got the keys for my apartment on last thursday but we were not ready to move anything in till friday. I've had to work this whole time so its been hard to pack. At the rate I'm getting things packed and over there I should be out of here in two weeks.

Its been kinda fun figuring out who gets to keep what. The movies were especially fun. When we couldn't decide we played rock, paper, scissors. A few of them we decided to have joint custody over. How that's going to work in the long run, I don't know.

Devlin has adjusted to the new situation with out a problem. He actually seems to be having a lot of fun having some where new to play. When we get to the apartment he runs straight to the door and waits to get let in. In the evening when he is ready to go home he grabs his shoes and waits by the door then makes the mad dash to the truck. No crying, no fuss. I love my little boy.

Eric's doing good. I just set up his new computer for him. He is looking forward to having a machine he can play WOW on. He has to wait a couple of weeks before he can buy it but he's sure it will be worth the wait. Tonight he is planning on going to one of the local clubs for awhile then coming home and getting some game time in.

I love my place and everything seems to be falling in place nicely. I still need to get a few things for it but there is nothing I can't live without. My roommate should be moving in this weekend. Its going to be nice having someone else there. Its kinda lonely after the boys leave and I've never lived alone before. The more the merrier has always been the McGinnis motto.
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8th May 2007

6:33pm: New Begininngs
After 16 wonderful years together Eric and I have decided to separate.The last couple of years have been kinda rocky for us and as the time passed we started growing more distant with each other. We finally realized we weren't happy and it was time to move on.

The greatest thing about our separation has been that we are talking again and really enjoying each others company on a whole new level. He has been my best friend for the last 18 years and if things keep going the way they are he will be for the rest of my life. We just hope our significant others will understand our relationship.

Thursday I sign the paper work and get keys for my new apartment. I found a nice two bedroom for $650 a month. Its only a couple miles away from Devlin and Eric. Eric did the tour with me and really liked it. Its a first floor apartment. I didn't want to have to worry about stairs and Devlin.

Eric is looking into the community collage. He is thinking about taking a class he just hasn't decided which one he wants to take yet. We both think it is a great way for him to get out of the house and start meeting people. He already has a date thursday of next week with a couple of friends.

We are both really looking forward to what life brings us in the future.
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21st April 2007

8:52am: Sometimes I miss when life was easier. I don't regret decisions I've made in the past. I worry about the ones I'm going to make in the future. My saving grace is Devlin. He helps me keep my sanity.
Current Mood: sad

20th March 2007

4:53pm: I've been busting ass all week at work. We have inventory tomorrow. The DSM wanted us to clear our warehouse. Yeah right. I think the warehouse is as big as the K.B. store I worked at. Then after the inventory we are going to get slammed with two trucks in a row. I know the first one is a full trailer. I hope the second on isn't.

On a brighter note, Devlin had his two year old doctors appointment. He is growing like a weed. He is thirty seven pounds and thirty seven and a half inches. The doctor says he is in the ninety seventh percentile. He a big boy. He is getting independent too. I went to take my shower the other day and left him watching a movie. When I stepped out to cheek on him he had gotten into the fridge. He was running around with a half eaten hot dog in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. Since then we have been keeping the fridge stocked with little bottles of water and he helps himself when he is thirsty. The bad side to that one is when he wants milk. I stepped out of the room for a bit and when I came back he was sitting on the floor with the gallon of milk swigging straight from the container. I hope he doesn't make that one a habit.
Current Mood: tired

20th February 2007

12:40pm: We are are our way.

16th February 2007

5:40pm: Less then a week till we are down in SD. I can't wait. Eric got us rooms at the MWR Lodge on 32nd street. We were hoping for the one on North Island but it was all booked up. Maybe next time. It would of been nice, it's right on the beach.

We are planning on being at Chucky Cheese around five for Devlin's B-day get together on the 22nd. We still don't really know what we are doing but at least now we have a time. I bought the candle for his cake. I just have to find a cake as cool as the one he had last year. I'd even settle for some thing half as cool.

Can't wait to see everybody.

10th February 2007

9:39am: 1. What time did you get up this morning? Slept in
till 6am.

2. Diamonds or Pearls? Pearls

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Eragon (should of waited to rent it)

4. What is your favorite TV show? Its a toss up
between Criminal Minds and Numb3rs. Not that I'm
ever awake to watch them.

5. What did you have for breakfast? 2 greasy hash
browns with some bacon wrapped up in a couple of
tortillas. Yummy.

6. What is your middle name? N/A

7. What is your favorite cuisine? It has to be
chinese for lack of a good mexican place here.

8. What food do you dislike? Okra, Cucumbers, most

9. Your favorite chip? Sun Chips(all of them)

10. What is your favorite CD at the moment? In Flames- Reroute to Remain

11. What kind of car do you drive? Saturn LS1
(I can actually answer this one now)

12. Favorite Sandwich? grilled cheese w/garlic

14. What are your favorite clothes? Jeans, tank tops
and flip flops

15. If you could go anywhere in the world on
vacation? Hawaii.

16. What color are your eyes? Brown

17. Favorite brand of clothing. Whatever fits.

18. Where would you want to retire? Maui

19. Favorite time of day? Early morning when the sun
comes up over the desert mountains.

20. Where were you born? La Mesa, Ca.

21. What is your favorite sport to watch? Football -
Go Chargers.

22. Who do you think will not send this back? ???

23. Person you expect to send it back first? ???

24. Pepsi or Coke? Both if its diet it has to be
Pepsi but when I have the sugary stuff its got to
be Coke.

25. Cats or Dogs? Prefer the Kitty.

26. Are you a morning person or a night owl? My job
has converted me to mornings.

27. Pedicure or manicure? neither

28. Do you prefer funny or mushy cards? Funny

29. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share
with everyone? Gonna be down in SD on the 20th.

30. What did you want to be when you were little?
A Teacher

31. What do you have in your trunk right now?
Devlin's car seat and the spare w/ all the fixings

32. What is your best childhood memory? I must be
getting old I can't remember one.

33. What are all the different jobs you have had in
your life? stocker/bagger @ Fedco, Sales
Associate @ Fredricks of Hollywood, Sales
Associate @ May Co., The K.B. years, and
stocking/customer service @ Big Lots

34. What is your favorite Holiday? Halloween
especially now that I have Devlin.

35. What is your favorite dessert? Cherry Cheesecake

36. Favorite get away? Anywhere alone

37. Ever been to Africa? No

38. Glasses or Contacts? Both. Contacts @ work.
Glasses @ home.

39. Ever been toilet papering? no

40. Been in a car accident? Hit by a drunk driver in 2000.

41. Favorite day of the week? Whatever day I'm home
with Devlin

42. Favorite restaurant? Chinese Buffet

43. Favorite flower? Roses and Carnations

44. Favorite movies? The Boondock Saints, 13th
Warrior, LOTR, Kingdom of Heaven

45. Favorite Past time? Reading

46. Favorite ice cream? Pistachio nut

47. Favorite fast food restaurant? In and Out

48. How many times did you fail your drivers test?
Twice on the written and once on the driven.

49. From whom did you get your last email? Kelly

50. Sandals or tennis shoes? Sandals

51. Which store would you choose to max out your
credit card? Best Buy or maybe Fry's

52. If the speed limit is 60 what is the fastest you
will drive? 65 or 70

53. What is your bedtime? Usually around 7 if I'm
working about 9 if I'm not.

54. Whose response to this are you most curious
about? Every ones!!

55. Last person you went to dinner with? Eric, Devlin
and his Parents.

56. What are you listening to right now? Over the
Hedge is in the background.

57. What is your favorite color? Blue, Green or Black
depending on what its for.

58. How many tattoos do you have? Two - a fairy on my
back and a tree with a woman in it on my leg.
Current Mood: amused

9th February 2007

8:33am: We decided Devlin should have his second birthday at Chucky Cheese. So down to San Diego we go. If all goes well and my boss gives me my days off we will be leaving on the 20th and returning on the 23rd or 24th. I wish we could stay longer but I have to be back to work on the 25th to set an ad.

Eric is excited cause he will be driving his truck down. No more long road trips for him getting funny looks for driving a car with fairies all over it. Now he has his manly truck. Devlin likes the truck better to cause he can see out the window and not have to stare at my back seat.

Time to go Devlin has saggy diaper and is showing plumbers crack. Diaper changing time.

2nd February 2007

4:52pm: Hit my first and hopefully last car yesterday(knock on wood). It was my neighbors truck that he parked double on the road. When I hit it there were two people in the yard and they didn't even look up. I sat there for a second waiting to see what they would say and nothing. So I did the right thing and re-parked the Saturn and walked over to talk to them. I guess the guy wasn't home the wife said it was ok.The husband wants to come over and talk about the damage but we haven't seem him as of yet. The damage wasn't that bad. Just a nice dent on a truck full of dents. The Saturn has an even better dent. Oh the joys of driving.

19th January 2007

12:26pm: It's official. I passed my test and now have my drivers license. Scary!
Current Mood: excited

17th January 2007

5:22pm: I have a little bit of time to write right now. Eric is at the doctors getting his hip looked at and Devlin is with the grandparents since I was still at work when he had to be there.

This year seems to be looking up so far. We should be out of credit card debt by the end of this month. It has taken almost three years to pay everything off. It will be a nice weight off our shoulders. To celebrate we put our self back into debt with a car loan. Eric is the proud new owner of a 2004 Dodge Dakota. It's a nice looking truck. It's black with a crew cab, tinted windows (a must in AZ), and a snug top over the bed. I tried to tell him I would look better in the truck but he wasn't going for it.

So now the Saturn is officially mine. I'm going to try for my license tomorrow morning. I've driven myself to work and back the last two days and I'm still alive so I guess that signifies I'm ready.
Current Mood: cheerful

11th January 2007

2:02pm: I finally did it. After two failed attempts I finally got my learners permit. I guess I might of got it sooner if I read the drivers book before taking the test. Hopefully getting the license will be a little easier.
Current Mood: happy

25th December 2006


10th December 2006

6:10pm: Yesterday we decided to put up our christmas tree. Eric wanted to take bets to see how long it lasted around Devlin. Of course I declined the bet I knew it wouldn't last long. I decided to wait for him to take his afternoon nap before I put it up that way he wouldn't get into everything while I did it. Within five minutes of waking up he had more then half the bulbs pulled of the tree. Not more then five minutes later the whole tree was on it's side belly up so to say.

I wish I could say the tree had a good life. It was only a three footer not more then two years old. I don't know what Devlin did but it won't stand any longer. Today we replaced it with a cheap six foot one from my work. Once again I waited for nap time and decorated. I am happy to say this tree has been standing for four hours with no mishaps. He has only pulled off three bulbs, tried to make his rubber ducky play with my Hello Kitty ornaments, and done rollies underneath it.
Current Mood: amused

9th December 2006

8:10am: Today we are putting up our christmas tree. I wanted to do it sooner but have been sick the last two weeks. Eric and I aren't really in the christmas mood this year but we can't deny Devlin and I kinda can't wait to see how long the tree will remain standing around my curious little one.

Shopping wise this is the first year I've done it early. We decided that we would just get Devlin presents this year. The first present I got him was a Sit and Spin. That one was for selfish reasons. I always wanted one as a kid and my mom could never afford it. Grandma and Grandpa wanted to get him a Power Wheel Monster Truck. We talked them down to a Big Wheel that makes sounds. I think power wheels are cool and all but I miss the old push peddle cars from when I was a kid. In a few years I'd like to find something like that for him. I want to keep him active now because one he discovers video games I know it will be all over for him. He also is getting PJ's and a nice winter jacket because no christmas is complete without some clothes items.

The only other big thing that has happened is I went to get my drivers permit and failed the first go at it. Two more to go. If I don't pass it in one of those two I get to have a verbal test. I'm not looking forward to that so I guess I better find my drivers book and start studying. Next try sometime next week.

Hope all is well with everyone. I'm off to play with Booboo Butt.
Current Mood: content

9th November 2006

5:59pm: I'm sorry but really old people should not be allowed to drive. If they do have their license they should get tested once a year to see if they are still competent on the road.

We were sitting in line at the drive through ATM waiting our turn while the old lady in front of us finished her transaction. I don't know what she did but she is looking down and her Dodge Caravan starts moving backwards into us. Eric honks on the horn just as it slams in to the car. Eric being Eric bounds out of the car in a huff till he sees it is in old lady. He calms down and tries talking to her but the old lady gets out of the car yelling that we hit her. She doesn't even notice that she isn't in front of the ATM anymore but five feet back. She wanted us to tell her what the damage was but we couldn't see cause we were still bumper to bumper. We couldn't move back. We had a line behind us and she didn't want to move forward. Eric finally convinced her that we had no where to go so she finally pulled up a couple of feet then started talking shit again. We looked from our car to hers and told her all was well. She drove off in a huff still cussing us and we were laughing. Our car was fine but hers had a huge ass dent in it from our license plate holder.
Current Mood: amused

27th October 2006

7:53am: Eric is off to get the car registered in Arizona. In the next couple of weeks I'm probably going to the DMV to get my permit and hopefully not to long after that my license. It's going to be to cold of a winter here to get Devlin up and to the car at 3:30 every morning so Eric can drive me to work. I think he feels bad because he feels like he is losing something. He tried to put it off longer but I don't want Devlin getting sick going out side all sweaty. It's something I should of done a long time ago but Cali traffic is scary.

On another note, not only did my vacation get cut short by me having to go back to work two days early, I'm working six days this week. The only good thing about that is it's going to be a nice check when all the bills hit.

On a brighter note we've been invited to a halloween party tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to it. I just don't know what I'm going to wear. I wonder where I put my bat wings and horns. Devlin's going to wear the costume he never got to wear last year cause he ended up with the flu. He will be the cutest and hopefully the scariest skeleton baby at the party. Maybe this year he will let my shadow his face.

My boogie boy is getting in to trouble. Off I go.
Current Mood: thoughtful

30th September 2006

11:09am: Eric is out on an adventure today. It was supposed to be a simple fishing trip with his dad. But they got lost on the way to a new fishing hole in an area neither of them had been to yet. They found the spot two hours later after stopping and asking for directions then decided they didn't want to fish there. So now they are at the lake near our house hopefully having fun. He left at 5:30 this morning. I figure he will be home by noon.

Devlin and I have been watching Disney movies all morning. When he permits me out of his vision I've managed to get somethings done around the house. Mainly in the cooking area. I'm going to surprise Eric with a nice meal. I made him an apple pie and I have a pork roast in the oven with some banana squash. I hope he likes it.

We lost two days of stocking last week at work. One was to the district manager who took all the guys to rearrange the furniture department. Then the next day a gondola decided to collapse first thing in the morning. We spent most of that morning cleaning the mess and rebuilding the gondola the right way. I ended up working ten hours that day to try to get some merchandise out on the floor. I couldn't complain too much I was working toys. Our district manager wants our warehouse empty by the 15th. The managers are stressing and there are only five of us to stock. To top it all off I think we are getting two trucks this week. This should be loads of fun.

My Booboo's is whining. I think its nappy time. Maybe I will lie down a bit with him.
Current Mood: mellow

17th September 2006

3:23pm: This has definitely not been one of my better weekends. We had plans to hang out with a friend friday night. But he decided to flake on us. I don't mind the flaking so much I just wish he would of called so we could of lined something else up. I really wanted to hang out, drink and play games or something. Instead I ended crashing out on the sofa.

Saturday wasn't any better. It started out o.k. we woke up early and got ready to go shopping for food stuff. But after we got home it went all downhill. Eric and I ended up not talking for most of the night. So I started drinking and went to bed.

Not much was resolved when I went to work today so that kinda sucked the life out of my mood at work. We also had a no show and someone call in sick which sucked cause we had to move 3 gondolas today before the store opened.

On a plus note my son is cute and I love him so I guess that's some goodness to enjoy.
Current Mood: depressed

17th August 2006

12:40pm: Things are finally starting to come together. We should be out of debt by the beginning of next year. We have been on a debt consolidation program for three years now and its finally starting to show results. Last month three cards got paid off and one very large loan. The money that was used to pay those bills will now roll on to the other bills and pay them off faster. It's going to be nice to have some spare money when this is all over. Maybe Eric can finally get his truck he has always wanted and we can take a real vacation down in San Diego without having to worry about getting me back to work.

On the home front things are starting to go smoother between Eric and I. We haven't been as touchy with each other but the breach isn't completely healed yet. That is mostly my fault. I normally don't have trouble letting shit go but this time I am. We have been best friends for so long and I've been able to tell him everything. It really hurt that he had a moment of doubt (of himself) and mistrust (of me) just because we were talking about ancient history before we meet each other. I know everything will be fine. We have to much for it not to. I just wish I could let go so it would heal faster and get back to how it should be.
Current Mood: drained

20th July 2006

10:40am: It amazes me when you can do something this stupid twice in one day.

I went out for a cigarette on my last break yesterday and forgot to check the flame on my lighter. As I lit up a huge flame went up right in front of my face and there went my right eye lashes. After I got of work I went home and laughed about it with Eric. Then went out on the porch lost in thought and lit up the left side.

18th July 2006

4:35pm: We are getting excited about our trip down south. So far the only hitch is the car. The air conditioner has something wrong with it and it only blows out hot air. We took it to a mechanic and they want five hundred to fix it. Luckily Eric's dad is going to let us borrow his truck for the trip so we won't have to drive through the desert with no air. Devlin likes the truck better anyways. He can see everything from his car seat. I'm just not looking forward to the extra gas it is going to take.

I can't wait to see everyone. I've really miss not being there sometimes. So much has happened these last couple of months and I feel so disconnected cause I couldn't make it down to be there. I love our little trailer and I'm learning to love my job but I still don't have you guys to hang out with.

Alright I'm getting sappy and it's time for me to get ready for bed. See you all next week.
Current Mood: exhausted

10th July 2006

4:02pm: We are heading down to San Diego on the 26th. I should hopefully have a new little nephew by then. I can't wait for the trip and some cooler weather. The heat isn't that bad but the humidity is killing me. One bonus on the weather side is we have been having some wicked thunder storms. They don't last very long but are very intense and the lightning is spectacular.
Current Mood: blah

28th June 2006

12:45pm: Yeaaaah! Eric's retirement has been reinstated. That is like a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. Now I don't have to worry about him finding a job that he can do without hurting himself. I'm hoping we get back the money they shorted us last month. But that might be asking for too much.
Current Mood: relieved

5th June 2006

4:43pm: Is it bad when one hundred and eleven feels nice and you freeze at eighty degrees. I can't wait to see what next month brings.

Not much has really been going on with us. The big thing for the last two months has been Eric's retirement. Because of a simple fuck up over a piece of paper (asking if Eric works or not) we are now down a grand a month. We pretty much wiped out our savings this month and if things don't get fixed we are not sure whats going to happen next month.
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